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With so much pressure on all of us, lack of realtime data, the need to access and re-access our daily priorities, gain alignment across teams, and quickly pivot our direction, its time for straight talk and practical guidance.


How do we support our audience in managing the present, while they invent their future, with practical, pragmatic, and actionable insights to weather the current storm, and plan their post-crisis rebound?

At The Nour Group, we, too, have pivoted our content and virtual delivery to match the mission-critical needs of our global clients. We invest resources to get to know you and your audience, customize fresh content, and deliver it with conviction. Because it’s not about being talked at; it’s about engaging the audience to think and do differently today!


Digital Relationships - From Luxury to Necessity

Strategy Visualization: Storytelling as a Pivotal Leadership Competency

Crisis Leadership - Be Believed, Before You're Believed-In

In these unprecedented times, when we can't physically meet, how do you engage and influence others through your digital relationships? How can you pivot all that you were able to do in-person, to virtual meetings, using webcams and digital whiteboards? Nour wrote about Return on Impact, at the nexus of leadership strategies and digital relationships a decade ago. This session is a fresh look at best practices in engaging one-on-one or one-to-many online.

Sentiment Analysis in Post-Virus Rebound

Did you know that astute investors use sentiment analysis of public company earnings call to measure, and with a high degree of confidence, predict the company's future performance? What if the same technique applied to the believability, credibility, and forward-thinking of your current performance, agile and immediate pivot based on available market information, and post-crisis rebound?

Your strategy became irrelevant when COVID-19 became a global pandemic. Digital audiences no longer have the patience for death by PowerPoint, outdated information, confusing corporate jargon, or hard-to-grasp theoretical concepts. No wonder organizations struggle to pivot their strategies. But there’s a better way – visual stories told clearly, concisely with the ability to cascade, can get your entire team/organization aligned quickly.

Adaptive Innovation Powered by Speed and Agility

Create a sustainable competitive advantage, develop a relationship-centric culture, and dare to fail with the ability to learn from those failures. Grow market value faster than your competitors, help your channel partners differentiate your unique products or services, and shake up your value chain. It sounds difficult; Nour makes it simple and straightforward via signal scouts, faint market signals, and an accelerated pilot/prototype process.

Board stewardship, or lack thereof, is all over the news. In today’s turbulent markets, forward-thinking boards must both govern the present and invent the governance models of their organization’s future. Beyond risk mitigation, governance in the future of work is also about risk optimization. Amid the current crisis, many board members and leadership teams finally have a direct line of sight to how woefully unprepared their organizations are for the accelerated pace of this global pandemic.

If you've ever tackled a key challenge or an opportunity, only to find out half-way there that there is no one following you, you understand that crisis leadership is all about relationships. From a foundation of trust to clarity of the message, and the authenticity of the messenger, the likely leader, must be believed before she/he can be believed-in. You want others to follow you through the current crisis? Let's take a closer look at the depth and breadth of your strategic relationships amid the crisis and the ten attributes of your brand.

Forward-Thinking Governance





At the Nexus of the Future of Work and Strategic Relationships

In the future of how we'll work, live, play, and give, we're all on a personal and professional growth journey. For most, it's a linear path. Nour has identified 15 forces he believes can dramatically impact that journey from now to next. We also find unique strategic relationships on that journey to have profound impacts in both the direction, as well as the ultimate destination of our path forward. We call these relationships, Curve Benders!


So, who are these Curve Benders? Where are they? And how can you become one?


Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts Into Personal and Professional Success

Focus on the quantifiable value of business relationships and provide a systematic process for identifying, building, nurturing, and leveraging personal and professional relationships. David introduces battle-tested best practices, based on his global experiences, along with social science research and hundreds of executive interviews, that bridge the gap between relationship creation and relationship capitalization.


The cornerstone keynote based on the best-selling book, Relationship Economics Updated & Revised (Wiley, 2012), delivered to more than 30 corporate, association and academic forums annually.


How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration

Individuals, teams, and organizations must balance learning and performing to evolve. That evolution no longer comes from being the smartest in the room but from innovative collaboration with strategic relationships - within and external to the organization.


David will explain how co-creating provides the construct, the process, and the tools to help your audience do just that – evolve themselves, their teams, and their organization. Recognized by many past clients as Nour's best thinking and practical, pragmatic work to date.


Leadership Strategies For The Age of Connected Relationships

Return on Impact isn’t about Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It’s about socially enabling organizations to listen louder, think faster, and respond to changing market dynamics, helping them reinvent, adapt, and relate in new and powerful ways.


David discusses how SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) is swinging the power pendulum in the direction of members and customers, leaving many industries and organizations out of the equation, and how you can get the most return on your business interactions, involvement, image, and impact.

The Nour Cohort Community offers highly specialized content


If you’re looking for a fresh thinker, passionate if not impactful presenter, and certainly a very credible operator who brings both thought- and practice-leadership to your audience, you should hire David Nour for your next keynote. He’ll definitely make your audience think about leading their organizations differently.

– Molly Alton Mullins, CEO & Chief Strategist, SEVEN12 Management

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