The Nour Group story began in the early 2000s when our founder, David Nour, left his corporate sales leadership and consulting roles to launch an advisory firm with a singular mission: Business relationships should be more intentional, quantifiable, and thus strategic in every organization

As a student of business relationships, this passion has led us to create a legacy of working with global companies, industry associations, and academic forums in sharing our unique insights, independent perspectives, and battle-tested Relationship Economics® methodology.

Two Decades of a Fundamental Belief That Relationships are a Critical Success Factor.

The Addition of Revenue Operations, Digital Advisory, and Learning Expeditions - Fly Fishing.

More recently, the addition of Jenn Cordz to our leadership team has expanded The Nour Group's capabilities to include revenue operations (RevOps), as well as go-to-market (GTM) digital advisory services.

A bonus has been Jenn's role on the US Women's Fly Fishing team and the opportunity to blend our passion for the outdoors with the commitment to developing exceptional leaders.

For most of the past two decades, our team has focused on creating unique intellectual property on the strategic value of business relationships. We've shared our insights in over 400 published articles, twelve commercial books, an estimated 50 keynotes annually, 200 plus advisory engagements, hundreds of executives and their leadership teams coached, and countless training and development programs.

The common thread between our most successful clients has been a single trait: Visionary Leadership. We greatly admire and aim to elevate and amplify the impact of world-class operators who fundamentally understand that relationships are the single biggest non-balance sheet asset in their organizations, public or private.

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David Nour
Managing Partner, Growth Strategy

A senior leadership/board advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author, David Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change.

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Jenn Cordz
Partner, Digital Advisory & Learning Expeditions

A technologist, digital advisor, RevOps leader, professional athlete, and board member, Jenn Cordz brings her global clients over two decades of experience to enable their strategic growth through technology and digital transformation. 

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The Nour Group clarifies your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

Clarify your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

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Celebrating Our Past.
Managing Our Present.
Inventing Our Future.

The Nour Group Culture

If culture is defined as a set of shared values, beliefs, traditions, behaviors, and artifacts that the organizations' members use as a sense of belonging and contribution to value creation in their work with one another here are key attributes of The Nour Group culture.

  • Relationships are our business and our guiding principle. We believe in the transformative power of relationships, and as a result, they govern everything we do.
  • We are in business because of and for our clients.
  • We succeed when they succeed.
  • We aim high and deliver on what we say we will deliver on. Excellence, not perfection, drives us.
  • When something isn’t right or turning out the way we imagined, we make it right. We don’t know everything or have all the information at all times. We make informed recommendations and guide our clients through collaboration, not mandates.
  • We are transparent and objective, and we believe in iteration. Sometimes the solution is obvious, and sometimes it isn’t as obvious. Sometimes, the first solution isn’t perfect. Either way, we approach it like solving a puzzle… eventually, you will find the right puzzle piece that fits.
  • We treat all people with dignity and respect. Period.
  • We champion work-life blending. We are passionate about what we do at work and in our spare time and often find that balance comes through blending.

Our Mission

  1. Do great work for visionary global leaders in helping them grow their revenues.
  2. Help our team practice work/life blending through their passions outside of work. We unapologetically make time to disengage and immerse ourselves in our passions – from riding motorcycles to fly fishing. We can’t be our best if we don’t bring our whole selves to work every day.

What We Believe

A New Beginning

We believe your network is your net worth. Harnessing untapped relationships delivers quantum growth.
How? Creating an integrated, consistent, always up-to-date, and in-context source of the truth for your relationships. 

Using AI as a proactive personal assistant to activate relationships ensures you know when and how to meet your relationships where they are by understanding an entire team’s relationships in the context of broader organizational goals, activating hidden connections to maximize account and opportunity management performance.

For the past two decades, we’ve been a student of business relationships - how they work, where they’re neglected, and why some sellers and revenue leaders relationally outperform their peers. Combine this renowned thought leadership with advisory services, and we’ve battle-tested our hypothesis on business relationships’ strategic, intentional, and quantifiable value. 

Our findings have proven that a great deal of the heavy lifting in proactively managing complex relationships can be solved via Generative AI and a learning database of actionable insights.


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