Our team annually delivers 50 global keynotes on business relationships, disruptive technologies, business implications of AI/ML, and adaptive innovation at corporate meetings, leading industry association conferences, and academic forums. We guide our audiences through a transformational journey between the current challenges and future opportunities.

The value of a Nour Group speaking engagement lies in our team's ability to modify the audience behavior long after the event by creating a mindset that inspires action, leading to new heights in driving personal and professional growth.

Speaking Topics

Who Do We Work With?

In short ... companies, industry associations, and academic forums interested in relationship-centric growth strategies. We extensively customize each speaking engagement for our clients' event themes, unique audiences, and desired strategic outcomes.

Relationship Economics®
Leveraging your single biggest asset to performance, execution, and results. 

Curve Benders
How strategic relationships can power your non-linear growth in the future of work.

How can you, your team, and your organization collaborate with unlikely sources to create unique value.  

Reading the Water
Amplifying your situational awareness to maximize your opportunities for success.

AI, ML, and the Evolution of You
Beyond ChatGPT, how will artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks impact our work and lives in the coming decade.

Custom Keynotes

Visionary Stewardship: Corporate Governance in the AI Economy
What forward-thinking corporate boards do to govern proactively.

Design Thinking: Strategy Visualization
Bringing your vision and strategic path to life

Delivering Creative Value
Complexity of Innovative Leadership

AI Economy
The disruptive nature of collaborative augmented tech

Reverse Perspective
What if you were a guest on your customer's journey?

In the Wrong Seat
Are you in the wrong seat on your own bus? 

Enterprise Evangelism
The economic value of exceptional experiences, every time

Sales Effectiveness from the Buyers' Lens
How effectively are your resources aligned with the way they buy

Relationship Economics®
Curve Benders

From ballrooms to boardrooms, our team engages and influences global audiences to think and lead differently. Within a 60-90 minute, highly interactive session, we combine the right mix of intellectual curiosity with heartwarming stories. We use appropriate humor, live interactive audience polling, the results of a custom audience quiz, and (optionally) a live visual graphic recording to bring the content to life. 

The best part? Your audience will remember and act on our ideas and suggestions days, if not weeks and months later. Our content is fresh yet highly practical, and the takeaways are often a change in your audiences’ behaviors in their personal and professional growth journeys.


Our speaking topics have been further developed into a deeper dive breakout session. These more hands-on mini-workshop experiences allow the audiences to further apply our content to their roles, functions, and organizational nuances. 

With our engaging, casual, and personal style, our team brings their executive education experience to walk amongst the audience and highlight their successes while enhancing their growing edges.


As a senior leadership/board advisor, former company president, and private equity investor, Nour is comfortable engaging a panel of company executives, customers, channel partners, or board of directors. He prepares well in advance with compelling questions, engages the participants to share their unique perspectives, and involves the audience in dynamic and memorable interactions.

Similarly, Nour Group partner Jenn Cordz brings her collegiate athletic accomplishments and nearly two decades of technology design, development, and deployment to engage go-to-market (GTM) leaders on their strategy, motions, and tech stacks. Jenn can moderate a broad spectrum of tech-centric conversations from AI/ML to distributed ledgers, cybersecurity, and RevOps.

Moderated Panels

Our team has been an online innovator for the past two decades. From webinars over a decade ago to interactive digital whiteboards, live audience polling, and Zoom breakout rooms, the global pandemic elevated how our team leverages world-class technology to bring our content to life for a virtual audience.


Meeting Planners

Our team can help you create a powerful meeting experience with unique themes, pre-event marketing, custom gifts, and follow-on programs to extend the value beyond the event.

  • Understand the needs of your meeting owners, audience profile, Industry and Company nuances.
  • Conduct a pre-event planning session to ensure our content is aligned with your desired outcomes.
  • Provide promotional material, speaker bios, photos, introductions, AV requirements, etc.

When Planning for Your Event, We Will:

See Nour Group's Media Page
  • Staging (raised platform) is in the center of the room’s front wall. Please have steps off of the platform on either side.
  • A small cocktail table on stage for our laptop - we run all presentations from our laptops and will toggle between several tools/platforms. No podium is necessary.
  • Keep the front row as close to the stage as possible, and fill up the front rows first!

Staging Requirements

Download PDF Version
  • Video projection system & associated cables for a laptop (MacBook Pro) PowerPoint presentation.
  • Largest Projection Screen possible. (for audiences greater than 400 people, IMAG (image magnification) is highly recommended.)
  • Wireless lapel or countryman mic.
  • (Optional) Repeater monitor (for PowerPoint) at the front of the stage.
  • We will use a handheld remote to run through our slides. Due to client confidentiality requirements, all presentations must run from our laptops from the stage.
  • We will provide a USB drive with a backup copy of the presentation to run on a MacBook Pro with the latest PowerPoint installed. Should our laptop have a hiccup, we will switch to the backup. An RGB switcher should be utilized to switch to this secondary laptop.

A/V Requirements

  • A bright stage will help keep the audience focused at the front of the room. We will often utilize the entire stage and even walk into the audience.
  • For large groups greater than 500, a SPOTLIGHT is highly recommended.
  • Use a dark backdrop to accentuate our team’s face and body.

Lighting Requirements

  • The Nour Group books reinforce our content and will help maintain the momentum long after the meeting ends. They can help theme your event and make great meeting "take-home gifts.'

Take Our Ideas Home

Purchase (up to 25 copies)

Live Visualization
(Optional for all Engagements)

A unique asset to any Nour Group engagement is our optional live visualization when a creative team member joins in capturing the content presented live, on stage, on 6'-8' boards. These visuals not only help audiences internalize the content but they also become an exceptional experience. And fairly cool social media content to post about the event.

Speaking Formats

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The Nour Group clarifies your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

Clarify your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

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New Research and a Fresh Keynote

The integration of AI into every organization has significant consequences for business relationships, including those with employees, customers, partners, investors, and the business community at large. Both positive and negative, they require a steadfast stewardship of the desired outcomes to ensure the benefits of AI also mitigate the potential drawbacks.

From enhanced customer experiences to operational efficiency, data-driven insights, and improved communication to job displacements, over-reliance on technology, privacy, trust, ethical and bias concerns, the skills gap throughout the company will accelerate. So, what’s the answer? 

Relationship Economics® expert David Nour has embarked on extensive research of executive interviews to capture case studies of AI's scary potential and delightful learning moments in a new, highly interactive, demonstrable, and engaging keynote on the power and promise of this significant transformation. 

Practical, actionable, and insightful for every member of your audience. They’re not going to believe what’s possible NOW!

The Consequences of AI on Enterprise Relationships

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