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In short ... companies, industry associations, and academic forums interested in relationship-centric growth strategies. We extensively customize each coaching engagement for our clients' unique challenge and desired strategic outcomes.

Behavior Change

While many corporate leaders are incredibly intelligent, astutely skilled, and charismatic in their demeanor, only a handful of them will ever reach the pinnacle. Why? Subtle behaviors are holding many back from the impact they can create.

In his book What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There, executive coach Marshall Goldsmith details twenty behaviors that create challenges for leaders in their interactions: winning too much, adding too much value, passing judgment, speaking while angry, making excuses, not listening, and the excessive need to “be me” are just a few examples.

We use Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder-Centered Coaching method at Nour Group to identify key stakeholders with a front-row seat to the behaviors you need to change. Some of your behaviors may need dialing up, such as speaking up more often in critical meetings. Other behaviors may need dialing back, such as playing favorites! With an open attitude, a heart of learning and growth, and accountability from your coach and stakeholders, you can become an unrecognizable, more impactful version of the leader you are meant to be.

The Best Version of You

For most senior executives, the fundamental gap in their journey from now to next is often about changing certain behaviors. Our executive coaching process helps facilitate behavior changes for long-lasting results, such as elevating collaboration impact, improving executive presence, or accelerating consistent value-creation.

Through our use of the Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching method, past executive clients have uncovered triggers to become consistent in their thoughts, words, and actions in how they engage with and influence others. They’ve developed the right skills and the knowledge that comes from applying new skills. Plus, they’ve also changed others’ perceptions as colleagues have observed and recognized their improvement in challenging areas

Executive Coaching

When senior executives commit to modifying their behaviors, a cascading opportunity for real organizational transformation is to coach their leadership team to think and lead differently. David Nour uses a proven method to help leaders see their teams as individuals with unique strengths to contribute and growing edges to build on.

Today’s leadership teams are tasked with increasing responsibilities and the authority to make profound decisions, solve complex problems, and communicate a vision for their team’s path forward. Their broad-based business acumen, tech savviness, and ability to engage and influence others, often without authority, will separate them from their peers. David Nour coaches leadership teams through a process of divide and conquer, reconnecting to share, and peer-level accountability to elevate more than individual performances but the entire leadership team’s contributions to desired outcomes.

Leadership Coaching

Value creators thrive at the edge of where the business model meets its buyer. Value enablers make the organization’s value creation and delivery frictionless. Each role has a fundamentally different focus, agenda, set of priorities, skills, knowledge, and behaviors. Similar to a symphony, the overall desired outcomes are comprised of both individual contributions AND the broader team working in alignment, seamlessly passing one critical touchpoint to the next.

David Nour incorporates individual Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)® assessments, team assessments, and great emphasis on data-driven decision-making, problem-solving, and communication practices to gain team alignment and agreed-upon prioritized pursuits. We share battle-tested insights and pragmatic inquiry to ascertain what’s working, areas for improvement, and actionable next steps to help them get more done efficiently.

With renowned strategic business relationship dynamics expertise, David Nour advises teams and their leaders on navigating the virtual work environment and improving digital communications for consistent output, outcomes, and impact. To re-energize team performance, we also help groups move past relationship challenges, executive exits, M&A integration, functional complacency, and individual role stagnation.

Group Coaching

Top 20 Client Coaching Outcomes

Working with the Nour Group coaches has led to positive outcomes for professionals at several levels, particularly those in senior leadership positions:


The most effective coaching relationships are characterized by trust, confidentiality, relevant experiences, and the willingness to challenge and be challenged. The coach and the client must align expectations on a clear understanding of goals, coaching engagement cadence, and desired outcomes.

The Nour Group partners possess a combination of skills, attributes, and professional qualities that enable them to guide and support their clients toward achieving their personal and professional goals.

One question is paramount: Are you coachable? 

Personal and Professional Growth

If you consider great athletes or entertainers, they often work with a coach to elevate their current level of success to an even higher level of performance, execution, and results. Regrettably, in business, working with a coach is seen as somehow a deficiency and the need to “fix someone!”

We infuse the right skills, knowledge, and behaviors in high-performing managers, leaders, and executives to become the best version of themselves!

So, how can you bridge your goals today to your aspirations tomorrow? By becoming the CEO of your own personal and professional growth journey. The intrinsic desire to become better is critical. No one else will pour into you if you don’t want to do the work of pouring into yourself. Abdicating and delegating your growth to HR is an often costly mistake. Impactful leaders who consistently create enterprise value double down on elevating their self-awareness and leadership brand equity — always!

Your personal and professional growth — be it in acquiring new skills, applying those skills to gain invaluable knowledge, and, most importantly, changes in your behaviors — are something no one can ever take away from you. We believe the biggest way you can support yourself, with all your fears, hopes, strengths, and weaknesses, is by investing your time and resources in yourself. Because behavior change seldom happens by yourself. If you could have, you would have by now.

The 20 Best Attributes to Look For in a Coach

  1. Active Listening: Listening intently and understanding what the client is saying — and not saying — is fundamental. This includes hearing the underlying messages in the client’s tone and body language.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: High emotional intelligence allows a coach to recognize and understand their own emotions and those of their clients and to manage interactions with empathy and self-regulation.
  3. Trustworthiness: A coach must be seen as trustworthy, maintaining confidentiality and creating a safe space for open dialogue.
  4. Strong Communication Skills: Beyond listening, effective verbal and non-verbal communication helps a coach to ask powerful questions, provide clear feedback, and facilitate discussions.
  5. Non-judgmental Attitude: A coach should provide support without judgment, creating an environment where clients feel accepted and open to exploration.

See the rest of our list in the Nour Group blog.

Developing trusting relationships, fostering personal growth, infusing courage, emphasizing operational excellence, and identifying simmering tensions that inevitably rise in fast-moving environments.

Empowering. Transformative. Impactful.

The Nour Group has been coaching executives, leaders, and teams to become the best version of themselves for the past two decades.

Over the past two decades, one hundred percent of our coaching engagements have come from leaders who hear our content or are referred by past and current clients based on their personal experiences. Coaching is best delivered not through a certification process but through experiences earned, empathy honed, and the craft of combining situational awareness with untapped potential refined. Coaching is not for those who need it but for those who want it to elevate their current condition dramatically.

In the past decade, David Nour has delivered 472 keynotes.
Since 2013, David Nour has moderated 148 panels of customers, executives, boards and investors
Since 2013, David Nour has spoken in front of roughly 375,000 audience members - from ballrooms to boardrooms.
In the past ten years, David Nour has lead 94 breakout sessions and mini workshops for his global clients.

Functional / Business Unit Leaders
Chief Revenue, Marketing, Technology, Security, and Development Officers

Individual Contributors - Global Account, Regional Sales, Procurement, Consulting, and Marketing Managers

Entrepreneurs or Founders

General Council, Attorneys, Lead Counsel, Partners, Of Counsel

CEOs, Chairmen, Executive Directors Managing Partners, Division Presidents

In the past decade, David Nour has delivered 472 keynotes.
  1. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Improved critical skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making, delegation, and communication.
  2. Increased Self-Awareness: Understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs is critical for personal and professional growth.
  3. Improved Emotional Intelligence and Courage: Developed self-regulation, empathy, and social skills, crucial for effective leadership.
  4. Better Decision Making: Utilized frameworks and support to help make more thoughtful, informed, and data-driven decisions.
  5. Greater Accountability: Provided accountability to motivate leaders to set goals and consistently work toward them in their journey from now to next.

See the rest of our list in the Nour Group blog.

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Coaching Formats

An effective coach listens intently to what is said and what is left unsaid. They should be an astute observer of their clients' mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets, along with a roadmap to their desired outcomes. Above all, a great coach is always behind the scenes and never in the limelight.


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The Nour Group clarifies your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

Clarify your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

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