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Join our highly interactive and engaging virtual sessions for valuable ideas and engaging perspectives. Nour and his guests are always insightful, provocative, and passionate about how to bridge strategic relationships to business outcomes.

Replays of previous sessions along with downloadable content, and discussion points by Nour, can be found in our Member Nour Forum - Join Us.


PDUs2Go: PM Next - New Project Management Competencies for The New Norm

David Nour and the Nour Cohort Community have partnered with Jennifer Bridges, PMP, and PDUs2Go.com to bring a unique set of world-class content from today's most prolific thinkers and practitioners to project management professionals. We believe in the After Covid (A.C.) world, new norms in how we engage and influence others, simplify and communicate strategic priorities, and practice digital etiquette as we embrace digital relationships are all examples of new project management competencies PMP professionals must understand, internalize, and apply in their daily lives.

Join us on this journey to learn, unlearn, and relearn new competencies that will dramatically increase your currency in the marketplace. Participants in this program will also benefit from an exclusive PDUs2Go PM Next thread of discussions with our content partners in the Nour Forum community. 


Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES): Creativity in Sales - Curve Benders

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and we’re required to work virtually, building strategic and impactful relationships is a top priority. In the future of how professional sellers will engage and influence their buyers, we’re all on a personal and professional growth journey. For most, it’s a linear path.


What if a few strategic relationships could have a profound impact on both the direction and ultimate destination of that journey in the next two decades? What if these individuals could transform your linear path to one of exponential growth, opportunities, and a mindset of abundance? Would you know how to identify or prioritize these invaluable relationships, invest, nurture, or capitalize on them impactfully?  Most importantly, could you become a curve bender for others?


Join best-selling author of Relationship Economics, Co-Create, global speaker, and senior leadership/board advisor, David Nour, for a highly interactive session as he shares critical research and unique insights from his forthcoming 2020 book, Curve Benders.  Don’t miss what others have called “more insights on strategic relationships in an hour with Nour than I’ve gained on my own in the past year!”

Nour Health NXT Fireside Chat: U.S. Health Systems in Crisis

With elective surgeries postponed during the past 90-days, many of the U.S. Health Systems are in financial crisis. Years of neglect and an outdated U.S. health system has led to problems of the industry sector's own making. Covid-19 is exasperating many of the existing organizational flaws and leadership shortcomings.


Some leaders don't believe many will survive the current economic crater, as evident by layoffs and furloughs of healthcare workers!

Join Health NXT, Nour Group's sandbox for health innovation for a lively discussion amongst a group of executives on the front line:

  • Chet Bhasin, Chief Strategy Officer - Shepherd Center

  • Nikhil Shah, MD, Chief of Robotic Surgery - Piedmont Healthcare

  • Marcus Whitney, CEO - Health:Further

  • Peyman Zand, CIO - Cerecore

CTI Leadership: Reimagine Your Strategy & Relationships


Covid-19 disruption is an opportunity for us to re-imagine our relationships.


In this CTI Leadership Development session, we will discuss the art and science of relationships. When we choose professional relationships strategically and invest in them wisely, we create the opportunity to develop a significant competitive advantage for ourselves. When we act as Relationship Investors, we help others reach their goals while reaching our own goals sooner.


Join us when Healthcare Transformation Expert, Mo Kasti and Author, Speaker and Executive Coach, David Nour will lead the discussion around:

  • How to take the time to build and nurture the key relationships that lead to long-term success?

  • How to uncover a few best practices to help build and nurture personal, functional, and strategic relationships?

  • How do you engage and influence others, in these unprecedented times when we can’t physically meet, through our digital relationships?

Immersive Roundtable: Building Rapport, Nurturing Trust, Exploring Co-Creation in CO19 New Norm

As the way we work, live, play, and give continues to evolve in the CO19 New Norm, how do you build rapport digitally? When teams need to move with unprecedented speed and agility, quickly create alignment and pursue strategic priorities, how do you nurture trust virtually? When you don't have a playbook or a crystal ball and are seeking to make decisions and move your respective organizations forward, how can you explore co-creation opportunities with your most valued relationships? What will you Stop-Start-Continue as we embrace the new norm?  

David Nour, best-selling author of Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders from the US, and Alex Lazarus, managing director of Lazarus & Maverick, a global consultancy supporting leaders and organisations to operate optimally in the fast-changing marketplace from the UK for a highly engaging, interactive, and immersive roundtable.

Digital Etiquette - Leading Remote Teams with Agile Alignment

Now that we're all working from home, and are involved in dozens of daily online meetings, how do you become more intentional, invest in your digital relationships, demonstrate virtual respect for and gratitude in collaborating with others, and elevate your team's collective digital experience while we get acclimated to our #NewNorm? From best practices in remote work productivity to a checklist of what to- and not-to-do online, digital etiquette is more than a luxury; it's a necessity for the current crisis learning environment.

Join MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter as we welcome back a friend, David Nour  He's the best-selling author of Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders. He will share a glimpse into Digital Etiquette – Leading Remote Teams with Agile Alignment. If you've heard Nour present in the past, you already know that he's a content presenter with high energy, and brings a highly interactive, and immersive delivery style. So bring your questions, ideas, and get ready for an hour of value-packed, fast-paced learning sprint. Nour’s abbreviated bio is below for your reference as well.

Agile Alignment: Redefining The Association Member Experience

What is your toughest challenge right now? Reimagining member-driven and profitable events…you’re not alone. In-person meetings account for more than 25% of the average association’s annual revenue. In December 2019, 45% of respondents to the Looking Forward™ 2020 survey, indicated they were very concerned about member attendance at their meetings or tradeshows - and this was BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agile alignment of nonprofit organizations is vital given today’s unprecedented circumstances and there is no greater need for agile alignment then events. In this deep dive session, David Nour, author of best-selling books Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, and association management expert and Certified Association Executive, Elisa Pratt of Brewer Pratt Solutions, will share practical, pragmatic strategies to redefine the meeting and conference experience for association members.

Business Over Breakfast with Emory Executive Education Series

What if you were able to tell your team or organization's story via a single image? How about your current mission-critical daily huddles - could they benefit from greater agility and alignment? Instead of Death by PowerPoint, a report, or a spreadsheet, what if you could convey stories that were visual and engaging? We believe the human mind's ability to consume and process visual information 60,000 faster than text or numbers, maybe a viable path to clear, concise, and consistent communication. Welcome to Strategy Visualization and Agile Alignment.

This highly interactive session will introduce how to simplify your vision and the path to get there, how to better understand your target audience, and tell a more engaging and impactful story. In this session, Affiliate Faculty David Nour and Creative Director Lin Wilson will share a glimpse into their upcoming Virtual Strategy Visualization and Agile Alignment course at Emory Executive Education on June 9+10.

Co-Create: How Collaboration Will Fuel The Field Service New Norm in COVID-19 World

Field technicians are a critical asset in the global tech-enabled infrastructure. From HVAC systems to internet technology pipelines, industrial machinery, elevators/escalators, and field automation deployed in a vast array of industries. If the CO-19 Pandemic persists, how will they be able to reach their customers and service the parts, repairs, and upgrades necessary to keep our economic engine moving forward?

David Nour, author of best-selling books Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, and John Carroll, CEO of ServiceCouncil have an interactive discussion. They'll cover both the challenges and opportunities facing service leaders, their remote teams, and the Post-CO19 New Norms in field maintenance operations.

Nour Virtual Fireside Chat with Hal Gregersen - Right Questions

Peter Drucker once said, "The important and critical job is never to find the right answer, it is to find the right questions. For there are few things as useless, if not dangerous, as the right answer to the wrong question." 


Drucker’s keen insight about the power of questions has long been a guiding inspiration for Hal Gregersen. An innovation and leadership guru, Hal is Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center and Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. While Hal’s expertise expands across all areas of innovative leadership, asking the right questions cuts deeply across all of his work. He challenges organizations and individuals to question the way we think and act to build a better, more creative world.

Most of us have never seen the level of global uncertainty that CO19 has created. When we’re facing so many unknowns, there are few answers and that’s the challenge. Which puts an even greater emphasis on the power of questions. In times like this, perhaps more than ever, better questions can be keys to unlocking better answers.

Disruptive Agility: Five Accelerators of Agile Leadership

Our leadership context has changed in profound ways. Yet, we are leading from the same mindset and biology as the industrial age. This is what makes leadership in disruption so challenging for each of us.

Here are five big challenges of leading in disruption:

  • Human biology has not caught up to the pace of change.

  • High change and unpredictability require a different type of learning

  • Leading in disruption requires creating trust quickly in complex teams.

  • We are increasingly solving problems that require shared ownership and action.

  • We need each of us to grow rapidly in change & enable those around us to do the same to maximize the potential of our efforts.

Join David Nour, author of best-selling books Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, and Henna Inam, CEO of Transformational Leadership and author of Wired for Authenticity, as they discuss five unique agilities (learning, neuro-emotional, trust, decision, and stakeholder), the required mindset shift, and specific tools and practices to develop your leadership agility.

Storytelling Leader: New Competency for the Post-CO19 World

Identity is the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. And when organizations face a crisis, identity emerges as an urgent conversation. Who are we? Who are we NOW? Whom will we be after all of this? If you’re a leader, you’re the narrator. Your urgent task is to help your system make sense of who we are, where we are, and what needs to happen next. 


In this webinar, Davids Nour and Hutchens share from their experiences in working with Fortune 500 leaders all around the world to invest in their relationships, tell stories and create institutional meaning. They explore the strategic narratives you should be telling now to make sense of these unprecedented times… and align your team for innovation and action.

The Evolution of the Association Strategy and Business Model

Many believe COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable 12-18 months. So, how does that impact the fundamental value and long-term viability of an association strategy and business model? If members are no longer able to physically meet, and certainly have access to resources outside their industry association, will they doubt the value of remaining active members?

And what should the evolution of the association, and association management company strategy and business model look like? What are the enablers of this evolution, and which critical factors could deter the association model to remain relevant?

David Nour, author of best-selling books Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, and Elisa Pratt of Brewer Pratt Solutions, discuss how Associations, and Association Management Companies must evolve to remain relevant.

Secret Behind Crisis Leadership

If you’ve ever tackled a key challenge or an opportunity, only to find out half-way there that there is no one following you, you understand that crisis leadership is all about relationships.

From a foundation of trust to clarity of the message, and the authenticity of the messenger, the likely leader, must be believed before she/he can be believed-in. You want others to follow you through the current crisis? Let’s take a closer look at the depth and breadth of your strategic relationships amid the crisis and the ten attributes of your brand.

BTW, your strategy became obsolete last month when the global economy shut down! Crisis leaders are assessing and re-assessing their strategic priorities on a daily basis, making simple, clear, consistent communication more critical.

Watch David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group, on this virtual Zoom town hall.

Big Picture Thinking for Dental Laboratories Post COVID-19

CO-19 has pushed many "elective" procedures to the back of the line. So, how do Dental Labs and Dental Practices engage patients in need of dental care? And how long can those patients fend for themselves when our physical proximity is challenged?

Join David Nour, author of best-selling books Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, and the NADL Executive Committee Members for a panel discussion. They'll cover practical, pragmatic ideas to protect/generate revenue in the short-term, while you consider fundamental shifts to your capabilities, talent, and business model for mid-term pivots.

Strategy Visualization

There is no playbook for our current market dynamics. The unprecedented speed of this global pandemic is creating organizational shock and uncertainty. Learnings, shared internally, broadly distributed, will be vital to restoring, growing, and improving your footprint vs. weaker competitors.


What if you were able to tell a story or share actionable information via a single image? Instead of Death by PowerPoint, a report, or a spreadsheet, what if you could convey stories that were visual and engaging? We believe the human mind's ability to consume and process visual information 60,000 faster than text or numbers, maybe a viable path to clear, concise, and consistent communication. 


Welcome to Strategy Visualization.

This highly interactive session introduced the audience to how to simplify their vision and the path to get there, how to better understand their target audience, and tell a more engaging and impactful story. In this session, David Nour and Lin Wilson shared a glimpse into their upcoming Virtual Strategy Visualization course at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management, Executive Education program on April 15+16, 2020.

Nour on Relationship-Centric Growth/Sales Success

In 2020, asking a sophisticated B2B buyer "what keeps you up at night," is likely to get you thrown out of their office. It's intellectually lazy and demonstrates zero due diligence, ability to think and synthesize, or intelligently engage. When engaging B2B buyers, you need to bring your strategic relationship development A-game! Unless you've been living in a cave, COVID-19 is also a perceived storm at the moment for many organizations.


So, how do you elevate yourself above the market noise to engage and influence their thinking and call to action? I believe regardless of whatever product/service we sell, we are all fundamentally in the relationship business. So, I want to show you how to become more effective and impactful in reaching new prospective buyers. And how to convert more contacts into value-based relationships.


This highly interactive online roundtable will focus on converting everyday contacts you need to succeed into strategic relationships. I'll share our research from 10,000+ B2B professionals who have taken our Relationship Economics Quiz, what they're looking for in your approach, what works and what doesn't. We'll cover phases of strategic buyer relationships, so you accelerate your relationship success from now to next. I'll also share some ideas on how to get creative with your strategic relationships, in the midst of the COVID-19 concerns. Come join us.

The Power of Strategy Visualization

We live in an on-demand society. Whether talking about food, entertainment, or information, people want things to be simple, easy, and fast. In both our personal and professional lives, our ability to engage and influence others is dependent on how quickly and easily we can convey information on which they can take action.


What if you were able to tell a story or share actionable information via a single image? Instead of Death by PowerPoint, a report or a spreadsheet, what if you could convey stories that were visual and engaging? 


Welcome to Strategy Visualization.


This session delivered key insights from the course taught by David Nour at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Hundreds of global leaders have used these insights to clarify their message, communicate succinctly, and gain buy-in from key stakeholders – and now you can learn how to do the same.

How Broadway Does Pitches

Have you ever wondered how Broadway producers select just one idea out of the hundreds of pitches that come across their desks on a regular basis? What can the business world learn from this unlikely parallel universe?


If you want to get your ideas, initiatives, or products noticed, remembered, and most importantly, funded, you’ve got to tell a great story. And we believe that story is best told visually.


During this fantastic second session in our Strategy Visualization Thought Leadership Series, we uncovered the 3-5 best practices you can learn from those whose ideas have been tapped for multi-million-dollar investments, all on the premise of a great story.


David Nour, the author of best-selling books Relationship Economics and Co-Create, engaged Kyle Wright, Digital Director of The Shubert Organization, a theatrical production organization and a major owner of theaters based in Manhattan, and Tim Kashani, Producer & CEO/Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios as they discuss how Broadway does pitches.

10 Insights To UpSkill Yourself In the $3T Healthcare Industry 

Many often reference the impact of the healthcare industry on our country’s GDP. What is left out of the conversation is the rapid pace in which the healthcare industry is evolving and transforming. 


This evolution brings equal parts challenges and opportunities. Challenges in outdated tools, processes, and practices. Opportunities in new skills, capabilities, and efficiencies. Make no mistake about it - what got you here, won’t get you there (the title of a best-selling book by Marshall Goldsmith). You’ll need new skills, knowledge, and behaviors to succeed. 


What insights do you need to shift, adapt, learn, and grow in this time and space of incredible speed and agility in healthcare?


Vic Gatto, Founder and CEO of Jumpstart Health Investors, and David Nour, Founder and CEO of Health NXT, share a discussion on current and impending healthcare industry trends. This session focused on your ability to identify and contribute value to quality, accessibility, and experiences in healthcare.


It’s time to upskill yourself. This highly interactive online roundtable is your roadmap from now to next.

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