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The Power of Strategy Visualization

We live in an on-demand society. Whether talking about food, entertainment, or information, people want things to be simple, easy, and fast. In both our personal and professional lives, our ability to engage and influence others is dependent on how quickly and easily we can convey information on which they can take action.


What if you were able to tell a story or share actionable information via a single image? Instead of Death by PowerPoint, a report or a spreadsheet, what if you could convey stories that were visual and engaging? 


Welcome to Strategy Visualization.


This session delivered key insights from the course taught by David Nour at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Hundreds of global leaders have used these insights to clarify their message, communicate succinctly, and gain buy-in from key stakeholders – and now you can learn how to do the same.

Strategy Visualization: A New Language to Engage & Influence Others

We live in an on-demand society. Whether talking about food, entertainment, or information, people want things to be simple, easy, and fast. Your ability to engage and influence others is dependent on how quickly and easily you can convey information on which they can take action.


During this online and in-person session at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, Nour delivered a highly interactive session and reviewed crucial insights from his Executive Education course, Introduction to Strategy Visualization. He covered key topics such as:

  • The Continuous Improvement Landscape

  • Visually Mapping Your Now to Next

  • Overview of the Strategy Visualization Three Critical Elements

  • Why Simple Messages to the Right Audience Win Every Time

  • Metaphors that Stick, are Remembered and Repeated, and

  • Visual Architectures and Design that Align Your Verbal with Your Visual Communication and Collaboration Efforts

After this session, you will have made a preliminary investment in learning a new language—a visual one that can dramatically help you engage and influence others faster and with greater impact—used by corporate leaders including Disney, Siemens, KPMG, ThyssenKrupp, Tupperware, Humana, and Cox.

How Broadway Does Pitches

Have you ever wondered how Broadway producers select just one idea out of the hundreds of pitches that come across their desks on a regular basis? What can the business world learn from this unlikely parallel universe?


If you want to get your ideas, initiatives, or products noticed, remembered, and most importantly, funded, you’ve got to tell a great story. And we believe that story is best told visually.


During this fantastic second session in our Strategy Visualization Thought Leadership Series, we uncovered the 3-5 best practices you can learn from those whose ideas have been tapped for multi-million-dollar investments, all on the premise of a great story.


David Nour, the author of best-selling books Relationship Economics and Co-Create, engaged Kyle Wright, Digital Director of The Shubert Organization, a theatrical production organization and a major owner of theaters based in Manhattan, and Tim Kashani, Producer & CEO/Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios as they discuss how Broadway does pitches.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Storytelling as a New Leadership Competency

Remember back to your childhood, when you had that one grandparent or uncle who was a masterful storyteller? Do you remember sitting at the edge of your seat, waiting for the page to turn and see where the story took you?


The business world isn’t that dissimilar. As Donald Miller often says, if you confuse, you lose! And yet, when it comes to conveying critical aspects of an organization’s story, most leaders fumble. You’ve been speaking for 30 minutes on that all-team conference call, and not only is the audience not listening, but they won’t remember a thing you want them to do five minutes after the call ends.


How do you become remembered and repeated? We believe the answer lies in storytelling.


Join author of best-selling books, Relationship Economics and Co-Create, David Nour, for a highly interactive and engaging session focused on storytelling as a new leadership competency.


10 Insights To UpSkill Yourself In the $3T Healthcare Industry 

Many often reference the impact of the healthcare industry on our country’s GDP. What is left out of the conversation is the rapid pace in which the healthcare industry is evolving and transforming. 


This evolution brings equal parts challenges and opportunities. Challenges in outdated tools, processes, and practices. Opportunities in new skills, capabilities, and efficiencies. Make no mistake about it - what got you here, won’t get you there (the title of a best-selling book by Marshall Goldsmith). You’ll need new skills, knowledge, and behaviors to succeed. 


What insights do you need to shift, adapt, learn, and grow in this time and space of incredible speed and agility in healthcare?


Vic Gatto, Founder and CEO of Jumpstart Health Investors, and David Nour, Founder and CEO of Health NXT, share a discussion on current and impending healthcare industry trends. This session focused on your ability to identify and contribute value to quality, accessibility, and experiences in healthcare.


It’s time to upskill yourself. This highly interactive online roundtable is your roadmap from now to next.

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