Capability Building

Unique programs for individuals, teams, and organizations, focused on the immediate need for digital etiquette, digital relationships, crisis leadership, crisis resilience, visual strategy pivot, as well as our core strategic relationships, co-creation, and creative leadership.


You can’t push the pause button on capability building, so the moment belongs to virtual learning. Here are just some of the ways we can help.

The Nour Group has captured world-class content into highly engaging, interactive, and immersive virtual learning sprints. These flexible modules focus on introducing a concept, sharing practical examples, asking reflective questions, and inviting participants to practice the relevant capability.

Digital Etiquette 

Now that we’re all working from home, and are involved in dozens of daily online meetings, how do you become more intentional, invest in your digital relationships, demonstrate virtual respect for and gratitude in collaborating others, and elevate your team’s collective digital experience while we get acclimated to our #NewNorm? From best practices in remote work productivity to a checklist of what to- and not-to-do online, digital etiquette is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity for the current crisis learning environment.

Digital Relationships 

In these unprecedented times, when we can't physically meet, how do you engage and influence others through your digital relationships? How can you pivot all that you were able to do in-person, to virtual meetings, using webcams and digital whiteboards? At the nexus of remote work strategies and digital relationships, we have captured a set of best practices in engaging one-on-one and one-to-many online.

Agile Alignment

For many organizations, their strategy became outdated with the shutdown of the global economy. In these turbulent times, week-old data is wrong. So, how to get better organized, quickly integrate market monitoring data, pivot with leading indicators and make better decisions while you rethink your strategy? We believe when it’s done visually, you can simplify the complex, engage others more impactfully, and align capabilities with immediate execution. Let us show you how from our proven strategy visualization process.

Crisis Leadership

If you've ever climbed a hill of a key challenge or an opportunity, only to find out half-way there that there is no one following you, you understand that crisis leadership is all about relationships. From a foundation of trust to clarity of the message, and the authenticity of the messenger, the likely leader, must be believed before she/he can be believed in. You want others to follow you through the current crisis? This session takes a closer look at the depth and breadth of your strategic relationships amid the crisis and the ten attributes of your personal brand.

Crisis Resilience

Driven by our current global research project on #CrisisResilience, we’re asking two fundamental questions: What companies are growing their business, either by focusing on what they do well or innovating with new offerings? And, what companies are thriving in the midst of a crisis--and more importantly why? To understand how these companies succeed, this session focuses on value creation leadership mindset, strategies, the organization’s previous preparations, their ability to pivot, and unique attributes that help resilient leaders, teams, and organizations thrive amid crisis.

Relationship Economics®

This series of courses is based on the best-selling Relationship Economics book and methodology, utilizing an Assess – Train – Coach/Develop approach.

Courses can be delivered live or virtually, including a Train-The-Trainer(T3) Certification Program and enterprise licensing of the assessment and training material

Highly interactive individual- and small-group exercises show how to identify, nurture, sustain, and capitalize on business relationships, within and external to the organization

Relevant for a broad spectrum of program participants, from frontline sales, product, marketing, and operations professionals, to mid-career managers and line-of-business/P&L/senior executives


Relationship Economics Quiz

Gain a quick glimpse into your relationship development mindset, skillset, and toolset

Relationship Economics Assessment

Take a deeper dive into your personal skills, knowledge, and behaviors including 10 Relationship Impact Moment Behaviors, text-based and video coaching



Relationship Currency™ Roadmap (RC101)

One-day course on the battle-tested process to become more intentional, strategic and quantifiable in the business relationships participants choose to invest in.


Relationship-Centric Selling / Account Management (RCS102)

Two-day course on leading a relationship-centric sales territory/account strategy, with extensive focus on intentional, strategic, and quantifiable relationship mindset, toolset, and skillset.

Ideal for: B2B sales teams responsible for a geographic territory, line of business, or a set of named-accounts


Relationship-Centric Revenue Growth for Professional Service Firms (RCG103)

Two-day course on leading relationship-centric, profitable revenue growth, highly customized for professional service firm associates and partners

Ideal for: Law Firm Associates, Of Counsel, and Partners; Accounting Firm Directors, Managing Directors, and Partners; Engineering/Architecture Firms, Healthcare Technology and Service Providers


Coaching Relationship-Centric Teams (CRC104)

One-day course for those responsible for leading relationship-centric teams on effective/impactful coaching best practices

Ideal for: Sales Leaders, Functional Leaders, Department Heads, Practice Leaders, Group/Project Management


Reputation Capital™ (RC201)

One-day course on the intentional investment in creating, maintaining, and expanding an individual’s and a team’s market reputation.

Ideal for: team/functional managers or directors, high-profile roles/realm of responsibilities (i.e. Global or Major Account Teams, Digital Marketing Team, Project Management Team)


Professional Net Worth™ (PNW301)

One-day course focused on a team’s or an organization’s relationship assets vs. its liabilities, how to coach a relationship-centric culture, applications of relationships into program/project success, creating a culture of innovation, and making change last.

Ideal for: P&L executives responsible for critical facets of the organization’s strategic growth, i.e. Value Creators.

Co-Creation, Adaptive Innovation, Exceptional Experience Journeys

These courses build on the Relationship Economics series, with a focus on Co-Create book insights:

Fundamental pillars of collaboration and co-creation, including nurturing and sustaining value-based, multi-faceted relationships, and common mission/vision

Utilization of the Co-Create Canvas to guide participants through this unique innovation journey

Fundamental focus on Customer Experience Journey, Purposeful Provocative Leadership, Adaptive Innovation, Leading Drivers vs. Lagging Indicators, Introspection, and Unconscious Bias


Co-Create Quiz

Gain a quick glimpse into your relationship-centric innovation mindset, ecosystem, and roadmap

Co-Create Assessment

Deeper dive into your propensity for change, creativity, and collaboration, as an individual, a team, and an organization



Introduction to Co-Creation  (CC101)

A one-day course focused on the proven and highly strategic relationship-centric Co-Creation process, including the three phases and 10 steps as outlined in the Co-Create Canvas.


Co-Creation for Customer-Centric Innovation (CC201)

This one-day, highly interactive workshop focuses on brands and consumers working together to create better ideas, products, and services. Brands steer product innovation, and customers provide insights into their needs, as well as product, packaging, and marketing foresights.


Co-Creation of a New Business Model (CC301)


A two-day course focused on new business/revenue model creation, covering:

  • Utilizing a hybrid approach of Co-Creation and Business Model Generation/Value Proposition Design

  • Integrating the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas to create a highly immersive experience in creating business model innovation, interactive exercises to test ideas, perspectives, unique differentiations, market segments and value propositions

  • Field tests of market pains, gains, and jobs to be done, as well as alignment of Customer Profiles with Value Map to achieve market-product fit

Creative Leadership

These courses focus on human-centered design, design thinking, and visual storytelling insights to clarify, communicate, and cascade a vision and a path to get there.

Too many initiatives, strategies, and major programs/projects are unnecessarily overcomplicated. They're ripe with corporate jargon, complex processes, and are often created for the producer of that information and seldom the consumers of it.

Ever since we invented PowerPoint, we also created Death By PowerPoint! "You sit there and be quiet - I have 178 slides I'd like to take you through in the next 28 minutes!" We believe there are better ways to engage, influence, and create a call to action.

Simple - Easy - Fast. Simple to understand, easy to internalize, and fast to act on. After all, if you confuse your audience, you seldom get buy- or buy-in your ideas, unique perspectives, and compelling path to move the team and the organization forward.



Strategy and Design Thinking (DT1)

Jointly delivered by David Nour with colleague Lin Wilson, Creative Director

A two-day course that integrates Strategy and Design Thinking for business iteration, including:

  • Applications of Strategy in Design Thinking – Beyond products or services, how to tackle business challenges and predict market opportunities

  • Visual Business Innovation – Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast, Learn Spread

  • Aligning vision and strategic path to get there with empathy for your target audience, defining and anticipating real needs, identifying the possible, prototyping quick concepts, and testing key assumptions  


Human-Centered Design (HCD2)

Jointly delivered by David Nour with colleague Lin Wilson, Creative Director

A two-day course that builds on Design Thinking for business innovation, including:

  • Framing the right challenges and opportunities with data-driven insights

  • Researching needs and values; synthesizing patterns and behaviors

  • Conceptualizing beyond probable to possible, and prototyping mockups for your target audience

  • Piloting real solutions, in realtime with real people

  • Never forgetting the real hero of the journey - your target audience


Business Model Design (BMD1)

Jointly delivered by David Nour with colleagues from the Cohort Community

A two-day course that introduces Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design and Testing Business Ideas, including:

  • Introduction to Business Model Generation and Canvas

  • Introduction and integration of Value Proposition Design and Canvas

  • Introduction and integration of Testing Business Ideas

  • Case studies, highly interactive role-plays, and What-If scenarios

  • Draft of your business model, value proposition and testing efforts


Intro to Strategy Visualization (SV1)

Jointly delivered by David Nour with colleague Lin Wilson, Creative Director

A two-day course that builds on Design Thinking principles, including:

  • Intro to Strat Viz – Simple Message, Easy to Remember, Fast to Implement

  • Visual Process Innovation – Current State, Future State, Validate, Activate, Embed

  • Drawing the Language of Visual Communications: People, Process, Place, Speech, Concepts, Frameworks, Effects, Texts


Applied Strategy Visualization (SV2)

Jointly delivered by David Nour with colleague Lin Wilson, Creative Director

This two-day course builds on Strategy Visualization (SV1) and covers:

  • Visual Frameworks: Three Visual Architectures of Systems, Comparisons, Processes

  • Visual Storytelling Toolkit: Framing, Opening, Refining, Closing, Group, Open-Ended

  • The Power of Visual Storytelling: The Hero’s Journey and the Neuroscience of Color


Storytelling for Leadership Influence (SL1)

Jointly delivered by David Nour with colleague David Hutchens

A one-day workshop focused on storytelling as a new leadership competency, used to engage, influence, and create a call to action. Topics include:

  • Story Mapping: Deep dive into story narratives, human motivation; Story Map to construct unforgettable, strategic stories

  • Story Sharing: Create a rich culture of knowledge creation, shared identity, and engaged leadership

  • Story Boarding: Invite others into the co-creation of the hero’s journey from now to next

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