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Your post-pandemic success will be fueled by your strategic relationships!

If you think about it, during the last three years of the global pandemic, we didn't spend more time with more people; we spent more time with fewer people. People we knew, liked, and trusted - in essence, business relationships highly relevant and critical to our well-being. So, what other relationship nuances profoundly changed that we need to embrace moving forward?

Much of what we intellectually understand about the importance of business relationships has stayed the same for a millenia. Other aspects include work-from-everywhere (WFX), building and nurturing trust virtually, and diversifying our portfolio of hybrid relationships (physical, digital, and global) to the role of AI/ML in identifying and nurturing business relationships must evolve if we are to remain relevant.

David Nour's seminal work, Relationship Economics, 3rd edition (Wiley, 2023), is available now. To celebrate this completely rewritten edition with new research, interviews, and insights, we recently hosted a virtual book launch event.


In Relationship Economics, completely re-written 3rd edition, senior leadership/board advisor, executive educator and coach, global speaker, and best-selling author, David Nour draws on two decades of experience in working with world-class leaders and their teams and reveals insightful strategies to help you capitalize on your biggest asset: your business relationships.
In this idea-packed book, you’ll:

  • Better understand the top reasons why most networking doesn’t work!
  • Adapt your approach to hybrid relationships – physical, digital, and global – in the post-pandemic business world to create engagement, influence, and impact
  • Learn how to become more intentional, strategic, and quantifiable in the business relationships you choose to invest in.
  • Understand the six unique phases of strategic relationships – from mapping to capitalizing – required to set yourself apart from your peers.
  • Discover time-tested and unique solutions to business relationship success over time, including Reputation Capital and your Professional Net Worth.
  • Gain clarity and a glimpse into the role of AI and Machine Learning in business relationships and how you must adapt in the coming decade
  • Learn how Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and Curve Benders are your roadmap to success in the future of work.
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David Nour | Author Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition

Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition Overview

Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition (Wiley, 2023)

Outlined in this new third edition, Relationship Economics is a roadmap to turning everyday contacts into extraordinary personal and professional relationships. Nour will kick off the day's agenda with a welcome and an overview of this new book.

Centene Corporation
Chad Johnson | Centene Corporation | Chief Procurement Officer

Smart Consumption and Strategic Relationships with Chad Johnson, Chief Procurement Officer - Centene

Fascinating how many leaders are measured by the progress of their efforts and less so by the efficiency with which they achieve their desired outcomes. Welcome to Smart Consumption, a world-class playbook to optimize global procurement while investing in strategic relationships within and outside the organization.

Chad Johnson is the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC). He provides long-term planning, strategy development, and execution of procurement activities across the enterprise, including category management and sourcing, purchase-to-pay, vendor management, contracting, and compliance with policies and regulations.

VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity - has become synonymous with the post-pandemic mode in which many CEOs and Boards find themselves and the organizations they lead. How do you balance visionary and strategic thinking with the need for short-term performance, execution, and results?

Eric McCarthey has extensive public, family, private, and non-profit board expertise. He holds ISS certification, was a private equity CEO, is a venture capital managing partner, and was an SVP at Coca-Cola Company in Global Commercial/Customer Strategic Planning.

Visionary Leadership in Our Continued VUCA World with Eric McCarthey, VC/PE + Board Member

Eric McCarthey | VC/PE + Board Member
Steve Hardy | Chief Marketing Officer | Prophix Inc.
Prophix Inc

Account-Based Experience (ABX) is a go-to-market strategy that leverages data and insights to orchestrate relevant, trusted marketing and sales actions through the B2B customer journey. In essence, a fundamental focus is on material value creation for fewer strategic relationships.

Steve Hardy is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Prophix. He brings extensive experience in high-growth SaaS and technology businesses with a proven track record in driving growth, building world-class teams, identifying unique customer needs to create demand, and generating results with an analytical, data-driven approach.

Account-Based Experience (ABX) Go To Market Strategy with Steve Hardy, CMO - Prophix

We enable intelligent and profitable growth.

Strategic Relationship Planning (SRP) with Nour+Cordz on Intelligent Growth LIVE

Winston Churchill once said, “Plans are little important, but planning is essential.” Regarding enterprise value creation, Strategic Relationship Planning is an invaluable tool for gaining alignment on priorities, investment pursuits, and sustainable differentiations.

Join Nour Group Partners Jenn Cordz and David Nour for the next episode of Intelligent Growth LIVE as they unpack Strategic Relationship Planning (SRP).

Learning Moments and The Soul Sucking CEO with Garry Ridge, Chairman Emeritus - WD-40 Company

Garry Ridge | Former CEO/Chair | WD-40 Company

How do you create financially successful companies where your tribe members can come to work every day, knowing that their coaches support them in their work, and then go home to their families satisfied that they are investing their talents and time in a cause greater than themselves?

You need 10 Traits of Leadership, based on winning behaviors observed by Garry Ridge in his role as the former CEO and Chairman of the WD-40 Company and among the leaders, he has admired over the years. What won’t get you there are soul-sucking CEOs who consistently demonstrate all too common destructive behaviors, poor judgment, and outdated leadership traits.

Ray Harris | SVP, CIO, CISO | Adtran, Inc.

Transformational Leadership with Ray Harris, CIO/CISO - Adtran

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” In 2023 and beyond, Transformational Leadership defines visionary individuals who build strong teams of collaborators, communicate a succinct vision, and create followers beyond their immediate self-interests.

Ray Harris is the SVP, CIO, and CISO of Adtran, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN). He is a strategic and forward-thinking senior technology executive and cybersecurity thought leader with comprehensive and progressive experience spearheading security-based business-centric transformations.

Adtran, Inc

Your People, Their Growth Journey, and Your Leadership Brand with James Mylett, SVP - US Digital Buildings - Schneider Electric

James Mylett | SVP - US Digital Buildings | Schneider Electric

Your leadership brand is defined as the impression others have of you and the reputation that precedes you. It’s the sum total of how you behave, present yourself, communicate, collaborate, think, engage, and influence others. Often without authority. It’s the sum of investments you make in your people, their growth journey, and the ultimate legacy of every organization.

James Mylett is the SVP of U.S. Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric (EPA: SU), a proven growth leader with a track record of helping teams achieve breakthrough results.

Schneider Electric

The Search for Exceptional Leaders with Joel Koblentz, Koblentz Group

Joel Koblentz | CEO | The Koblentz Group
The Koblentz Group

Q3, 2022 produced the highest number of CEO turnovers, as many new on the job in the last two years felt incredibly unprepared for those roles. Between the board agenda, strategy, operating mantras, resistance from lower levels to real and lasting change, activist shareholders, ESG pressures, and DE&I aspirations, no wonder many believe the search for exceptional leaders is becoming increasingly difficult.

Joel Koblentz is the founder and CEO of The Koblentz Group, nationally recognized for resolving the most sensitive, critical, confidential client situations. Previously, Joel was a Senior Partner at Egon Zehnder, a leading global executive search and board of directors’ consultancy. He was the managing partner of its New York and Atlanta practices during his tenure and led its Service Sector Practice Group for the Americas.

Wrap Up & Key Learnings - David Nour

To wrap up this insightful day, David Nour will return to share key learnings from each session.

Join us in The Nour Group Forum - RE3 Launch Group to share your perspectives and discuss opportunities to implement the wisdom from the day.

Nour will also highlight several RE3 courses available in the Nour Forum.

David Nour | Author | The Nour Group, Inc.
Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition (Wiley, 2023)

About the Book

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Perfect for every business professional who wants to turn everyday contacts into extraordinary relationships, which directly and materially contribute to one’s personal and professional success. Relationship Economics is an invaluable roadmap to realizing and exceeding your personal and professional goals by tapping into the superpowers and gifts of business relationships.

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Clarify your vision, optimize your processes, and elevate your capabilities to become a more relationship-centric organization.

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