New Project Management Competencies in the CO19 New Norm

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Nour Group has partnered with PDUs2Go to co-create world-class content, focused on a set of new competencies we believe will be critical to the evolution of the project management space and capabilities of PMP professionals. 

Engaging and Influencing Remote Teams

CO19 has forced most project management professionals to work from home. The added benefit of a 6 seconds commute to your makeshift workspace, has also created a set of challenges in collaborating with and leading remote teams. Here are our focused competencies in how to elevate the manner in which you engage and influence others virtually...

Storytelling Project Manager

When organizations face a crisis, identity emerges as an urgent conversation. Who are we? Who are we NOW? Who will we be after all of this? If you’re a leader, you’re the narrator. Your urgent task is to help your system make sense of who we are, where we are, and what needs to happen next. ... this is storytelling.

Now Project Management Professionals need a set of dramatically different skills, knowledge, and behaviors to build on their foundational PMP expertise. In the Post-CO19 world, storytelling for meaning, influence, and engagement will be one of the most distinguishable traits of those who will lead differently.

This course is focused on the strategic narratives you should be telling now to make sense of these unprecedented times… and align your project team for innovation and action.

Strategy Visualization & Agile Alignment

Webinar: May 7 - 9 AM ET

Workshop: June 9+10 - 8 AM - 4 PM

With increasing complexity in global projects, additional stakeholders, multi-faceted project outcomes, and oh yeah, CO19 remote team challenges, simple-easy-fast visual stories are more critical than ever.

Project Management Professionals need to understand the power and promise of a visual story that's simple to articulate, easy to understand and fast to act-on by their key stakeholders. That's where strategy visualization comes in. 

This course is focused on ensuring a robust project strategy, bridging project vision to execution, simplifying the broader purpose, visual storytelling best-practices, and storytelling to engage and influence your target audience.

Creative Leadership

CO19 New Norm includes all of us washing our hands more often and thoroughly than ever before, as well as more details, complexities, stakeholders, immediate and mission-critical demands, constantly shifting priorities, and the need to get and keep everyone on the same desired outcomes! That's where creative leadership comes in - visually communicating a strategic direction with a compelling story of not just what we're doing in this project, but why!

Digital Etiquette / Digital Relationships

How many WebEx, MSFT Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Houseparty, and Facebook Messanger Room virtual meetings were you on this past week? Do you still cringe at some of the things people do, the skills they lack, or behaviors they're simply unaware of when it comes to digital etiquette and digital relationships?

That's what this course is all about: a personal plan on the key topics you need to think about before, during, and after every digital interaction. CO19 New Norms will demand project management professionals to become a lot savvier in the manner in which they identify, nurture, and sustain digital relationships - within and outside their organizations.

Agile Portfolio: Alignment, Execution, Review, Learnings

Remote project teams need mission-critical alignment of their ever-changing priorities, talent flex, project metrics, milestones, and responses to key project stakeholder demands.

Agile Portfolio course builds on the foundation of design thinking to quickly visualize the project strategically and map a succinct course to get there. Through four modules, project management professionals create alignment in visually telling a story; execution focuses on sentiment analysis and course correction; review explores pattern recognition, project capabilities gaps, and continuous optimization; learning is all about insight compression and how do we apply key insights to the very next project conversation.

Crisis Leadership

Strong economic times mask a great number of organizational flaws and project management leadership shortcomings. When projects are abundant with unparalleled resources, available talent, executive support, and world-class project plans, the focus is often on the flawless execution - what most executives care about: "on-time and on-budget." Throw a global pandemic where the economy shuts down in the mix and your crisis leadership skills, knowledge, and behaviors become more relevant than ever.

80/20 Business System

Simplifying projects and reducing their complexity has never been as critical as it is now, amid the CO19 storm. What if there was a proven methodology for empirical data to determine which facets of the projects we should continue to invest in, and which ones, despite their zombie status of recurring on the priorities list, should, in fact, be killed?

Welcome to the 80/20 Business System. Used by global enterprises such as GE, W.L. Gore, Illinois Tools Company, and hundreds of others, this course focuses on a disciplined approach to delineating project ownership, accountability, visibility, metrics, project-wide improvements, and transparent performance data to highlight real challenges and opportunities. 

Crisis Resilience

Ever since CO19 became a pandemic and shut down the global economy, we embarked on a research journey to understand how world-class leaders prepared, pivoted, and are persevering?

Our research is the foundation of this course. Topics converted include Foresight - How likely did you think/anticipate a major disruption. Roadmap - Any contingency, continuity, or emergency plan in place. Confidence - How confident were leaders in their capabilities amid a storm. Owner - Who in the organization should be the appropriate owner from creating awareness to driving action. Agility - What has been the efficacy of the actions you are taking/took. Pivot - Thinking and leading differently with your renewed perspectives. And finally, Delineating Value Creators vs. Diminishers - how do we define each?

Meet Our Co-Creators

When we embarked on this journey to create world-class content for the project management community, we wanted to collaborate with strategic relationships who brought deep subject matter expertise. We also understood that project management professionals have unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. So, here are friends and colleagues who are making this effort an exceptional experience for global project management professionals.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP


A coach, educator, facilitator, and project leader at heart, Jennifer Bridges connect people to their passion in their journey to desired outcomes. As the founder of PDUs2Go, she collaborates with thought-leaders in creating simple-easy-fast PDUs for project management professionals. Through her consulting and coaching services, she helps global leaders develop project management centers of excellence and the right behaviors for long-term success.

Antonio-Nieto Rodrigues

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is a thought leader, author, practitioner, and professor in project and strategy implementation. He is the creator of concepts such as the Project Economy or the Project Manifesto. His research and global impact in modern management been recognized by Thinkers50. Former Chairman of the Project Management Institute, he is the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and the global movement Brightline. He is a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches.

Bob Muscat

Bob Muscat is a leadership author, coach, speaker, and former Fortune 50 executive. For 18 years, Bob has specialized in reinventing businesses, taking unloved product lines, and making them simple, thoughtful, and highly successful enterprises. He was selected by the US Dept. of Commerce as an Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award three years in a row. He presently serves as a Lecturer of sales and marketing at Auburn University’s nationally ranked Harbert College of Business.

Clint Padgett

Project Success

With close to three decades of project management experience, Clint has built his career helping Fortune 100 companies optimize their businesses. Clint is a ForbesBooks featured author, ForbesSpeakers Thought Leader, and frequently speaks at conferences on the subject of project management, including the Executive Education program in the Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is an adjunct professor.

David Hutchens

David Hutchens is an author and learning designer who helps global leaders find, craft and tell their most urgent stories for the purpose of creating shared meaning, preserving culture, disseminating learning, and speeding change in organizations. A nationally recognized developer of innovative learning products, Hutch is the creator and lead facilitator of The Team USA Leadership Experience, at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and The Apollo Leadership Experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Lin Wilson

Lin Wilson brings creative order to chaos. He has extensive management experience in information design, branded instructions, infographic content marketing, mapping, illustration, and training design. His focus on information gathering, whiteboard meetings, account management, and supervision/execution of final design cuts through the clutter and makes the complex clear. Lin has been an illustrator, art director, and designer and has held positions in advertising, corporate communications, and information design. He started his career in New York as an illustrator for publications such as Esquire, The New York Times, and Business Week.

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