Relationship Development

Learning Sprints + Group Coaching

I’m looking forward to our time together over the next several months. I've created this private landing page of logistics details along with various resources for you throughout this program:

  1. A signed copy of my book, Relationship Economics is en route to you - Please be patient due to a limited current supply by the publisher

  2. Save the Dates

  3. Please take the Relationship Economics Quiz below before our first session

  4. Please join Nour Forum

  5. Listen to the Curve Benders Podcast


Make it a great day,


David Nour

1. Here is a Glimpse Into Relationship Economics

While you wait for the book to arrive, here is an Executive Summary and Chapter One of Relationship Economics.

2. Save The Dates

Learning Sprints - 90-Min In Duration - Intro to a topic, individual and small group exercises, homework in advance of the next coaching session - all at 10 AM CT / 11 AM ET:

Group Coaching - 90-Min In Duration - We'll review the session topic, your homework, role plays, and hot seats - all at 10 AM CT / 11 AM ET:

3. Take the Relationship Economics Quiz

Please complete this short survey on Relationship Economics before you attend the first session. Your answers will remain completely confidential and will be used in aggregate to customize the session's content for the NFPA team.

4. Join Nour Forum

We've created a private community for like-minded professionals, around my work on strategic relationships, creating a culture of innovation, and making real change last. Come join us, please complete your profile and introduce yourself in the welcome thread. I'll then add you to the private NFPA thread where you'll have continued access to me for questions, discussions, and exclusive content.

5. Listen to the

Curve Benders Podcast

I'm currently writing my next book, Curve Benders (Wiley, 2021), at the intersection of the future of work, strategic relationships, and non-linear growth. It's scheduled to be published in March 2021. In the meantime, check out my weekly Curve Benders Podcast and if you find the episodes of interest and value, I hope you'll subscribe.

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