Highly Experiential Learning to Develop Your Leadership Brand, Performance Culture, and Prioritized Pursuits

Acquire new skills, gain new knowledge, and change your behaviors to elevate your leadership and transform your organization.

Individual leaders are your definitive change agents. They must engage and influence a broad spectrum of relationships to communicate, problem-solve, and make data-driven decisions.

We have crafted human-centered learning for the past two decades to drive lasting change. Through our experiential platform, we immerse high-performing managers and leaders to experience maximum originality and sustainability in their personal and professional growth journeys.

We Focus on Individual Leaders. And Believe You Should Too. 

If you have ever embarked on the need for real and lasting change - from processes to structure, digital, an M&A event, and global expansion - you faced a cultural headwind, if not turbulence.

Leadership growth must be centered on real-world battle-tested experiences and through hands-on, active engagements. Only when we get out of the day-to-day "have-to" can we focus on the bigger picture, prioritized pursuits, and how to minimize constant distractions. 

Every Transformation is Fundamentally a Cultural Shift.

When you translate observations, conversations, and unique experiences into actionable insights, leaders begin to change minds, perspectives, and buy-in.

Most of our hectic schedules seldom allow for dedicated time and space in nature while being guided through a unique experience to think and engage in healthy debates with others inside and outside our organizations.

Conversations, Introspection, and a Personal Commitment to Think and Lead Differently.

Let’s Talk About Our Team Creating a Highly Experiential Learning and Development Program for Your Organization

David Nour fly fishing on the Bow River near Banff, Alberta, Canada
David Nour, Managing Partner at the Nour Group, fly fishing with Partner, Jenn Cordz on the Soque River in North Georgia

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

Leadership and Transformation are Evolutionary.

Some aspects of leadership and lasting change have been in the business psyche for decades. Yet, the fundamental skills, knowledge, and, most importantly, the appropriate behaviors to lead in the post-pandemic world must evolve for every leader to remain relevant.

That’s why we believe there is a better way to achieve leadership evolution and sustained transformation at The Nour Group. Welcome to Learning Expeditions – a highly immersive and experiential learning journey from now to next.

For corporate clients and industry associations, Nour Group has also created Learning Sprints - Fly Fishing, a half or full-day immersive introduction to fly fishing. Scheduled before or after your next marquis event, this unique experience elevates a growth mindset for your participants who are willing to be bad at something and step outside of their comfort zone with a fun new experience.

Open Enrollment - For Individuals

The Nour Group Learning Expeditions for Individuals incorporates our team's love of nature, thought leadership from best-selling books, and global advisory engagements with world-class clients into unparalleled immersive experiences.

Our professional development courses are designed for busy, working professionals, looking for unique experiences to elevate their skills and remain relevant in the post-pandemic world.

The Nour Group topics are evergreen and blend learning a new skill with the journey from now to next and become the best version of you.

Sample Topics

  • Relationships, Reputation, and Trust Amongst Remote Teams
  • The Power and Promise of Your Leadership Brand
  • Aligning Talent with Value-Creation
  • Visual Storytelling as a New Leadership Competency
  • Twenty Behaviors Keeping You from Reaching Your Fullest Potential

Custom Curriculum - For Organizations

A Nour Group custom program is designed to meet your organization's unique learning and development goals, challenges, and opportunities. We develop adaptive leaders, sharpen individual resilience, and amplify team health.

Each custom program is comprised of distinguished faculty experts, experienced practitioners, and advisors. The Nour Group consistently creates world-class leadership training and development programs for global clients. Ready to create a transformational impact?

Upcoming Fly Fishing Adventures

  • Montana
  • North Georgia
  • Colorado

Sample Custom Program Topics

  • Building a Purpose-Driven Organization
  • Employee Engagement, Retention and Elevation
  • Leadership Skills Gap, Unlearning, and Relearning
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Tech Advancements, Business Transformation, and the Integration of the Two
  • Return on Investment of L&D Initiatives

Sample Open Enrollment

Your Leadership Brand and World-Famous Fly Fishing in North Georgia

Fly into Atlanta, Georgia, where we’ll take you to the exquisite fly fishing lodge on the Soque River. We’ll stay at a quaint all-inclusive lodge where you’ll have a private room, get you into the right fly-fishing gear, and put you on private waters with an experienced guide.

Jenn Cordz, Partner at the Nour Group, founding team member of the US Women's Fly Fishing Team, and owner of Gypsy Fishing Outfitters

Led by Nour Group partner and leader of our Experiential Learning Program, Jenn Cordz – Captain of the U.S. Women’s Fly Fishing Team – you’ll learn the foundational:

  • Fly Rod and Reel breakdown
  • Fly Line, Leader, and Tippet Basics
  • Basic Knots Overview
  • Types of Flies (Dry, Subsurface, and Streamers)
  • Intro to Fly Casting
  • Fish Anatomy, Physiology, Proper Fish Handling, and Legal Harvest
Fly fishing in the wilderness of Montana

Equally valuable, Nour Group Managing Partner, David Nour, will align each new fly fishing skill with relevant leadership and growth strategies you can take back to your respective organizations.

Make no mistake about it – this is real world, battle-tested insights integrated into beautiful surroundings, unhindered by disruptions so you can focus on your personal and professional growth.

Day 1, Monday

AM Arrive: Shuttle to Lodge

Welcome Luncheon, Intros & Learning Expedition Overview

Leadership Growth Challenges and Opportunities

Power Questions

Gear Distribution & Overview

Cocktail Reception & Dinner

Day 2, Tuesday


In Waders and On the Water for Fly Fishing Fundamentals

Riverside Picnic Lunch

Willing to be Bad at Something

Topgrading: Hire, Coach and Retain "A-Players"

Generative AI and Evolution of  How You Lead

Your Success and Learning Moments on the River

Cocktail Reception & Dinner

Day 4, Thursday


Key Takeaways & your 30-60-90 day Personal Plan

Shuttle back to Airport PM Departure

Learning Expedition Agenda: Fly Fishing

We enable intelligent and profitable growth.

Let's TalkLet's Talk

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Day 3, Wednesday


Shuttle to River

In Waders and On the water for Fly Fishing

Riverside Picnic Lunch

Shuttle back to Lodge

Your Leadership Brand

Ten Stories Leaders Tell

OKRs - Anatomy, Benefits, and a Culture of Accountability

Cocktail Reception & Dinner

Gallery of Past Learning Expedition Participants

Future Open Enrollment Learning Expeditions

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Fly into Denver, where we’ll take you to the stunning foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We’ll stay at a quaint bed and breakfast where you’ll have a private room, get you into the right rafting equipment, review safety instructions, and put you on exhilarating Class III-IV rapids with an experienced guide.

Backpacking / Camping in the Smokey Mountains

Fly into Atlanta, where we’ll take you to the glorious fall colors of the Smokey Mountains. We’ll begin with a backpacking and camping fundamentals overview, get you in gear, and share insights from emergency preparedness to orienteering. Led by experienced guides, we'll hike, camp, and enjoy breathtaking views.

8-11 January 2024 - Winter Adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fly into Jackson, Wyoming, where we’ll take you on a winter adventure, including snowshoeing, cross-country and downhill skiing, and dog sled and snowmobile excursions. Led by experienced guides, this is cold-weather fun done right, safely, and enjoyably.

Join us for an exhilarating team-building and professional development experience while whitewater rafting in Colorado.
Explore the majestic fall colors of the Smokey Mountains while learning emergency preparedness both in the wilderness and in your business.
Explore the beauty of winter and experience unique opportunities to partake in dog-sledding, snowmobiling, and skiing as you grow your leadership brand.
Explore the beauty of winter and experience unique opportunities to partake in dog-sledding, snowmobiling, and skiing as you grow your leadership brand.

Hear About the Experience from Others

Scott Pettigrew

Director of Operations
Refratechnik North America

Craig Addington

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Associates Inc.

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Upcoming Open Enrollment - For Individuals

April 8-11, 2024 - North Georgia Mountains

October 7-10, 2024 - Relationship Economics Summit (RES'24) Next-Up Leadership - North Georgia Mountains


Limited Space available. Maximum 10 attendees for each session, up to 2 participants per company. 

Limited Space available. Maximum 3 participants per company. 

Our team is always experimenting with opportunities to integrate highly immersive experiences with personal learnings and professional development. For this session, we're combining the world-class Next-Up Leadership program of our Executive Symposium with the wonders of North Georgia mountains fly fishing. This all-inclusive experience combines the courage and willingness to be bad while learning a new sport with the opportunity to disengage from the day-to-day obligations and really focus on leveling up your leadership skills, knowledge, and behaviors.