Healthcare is broken.


A year ago, we embarked on a journey to create a community of health practitioners, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors focused on real innovation in healthcare.

Along the way, we’ve touched

3,000+ professionals

300+ professionals

have attended some event by us in Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville and Houston, and a strong few joined our cause as members.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of “innovation theater” in healthcare - continuous improvement masked as innovation, or pet projects that simply offers more of the same.

There is little to no incentive in creating real health innovation and that the current health economics has created a status quo mindset, too big to move, shift, think or lead differently.

Silos are more prevalent than ever and communication / collaboration to make the end result stronger is a rarity.

So, we’re determined more than ever to identify, nurture, sustain and capitalize on relationships with those who are willing to challenge the status quo. We’re seeking those who have an insatiable appetite to learn, grow, share, challenge, and in the process collaborate a stronger, more viable and sustainable solution to countless challenges and opportunities in our current healthcare ecosystem.

In 2020, we’ll gather in the fall at the Health NXT Summit to celebrate those who are making a real difference in health innovation. Those who are actually innovating and not simply talking about it. Throughout the year, we’ll curate private gatherings: Roundtables, Tours, Connect, and Salons for partner firms who want to see a community of innovators thrive.

Come join us!

Look forward to continuing the journey together,

David Nour

Health NXT Founder

3500 Lenox Road, NE
Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326

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