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In an increasingly digital world, experiments are invaluable in creating or improving business models. Culture, not tools or technology, is often the primary obstacle. Nour Group’s Sandbox Engine is the environment in which curiosity is nurtured, data trumps opinions, and leadership embraces a new organizational structure to apply real innovation.

Nour Group Agile Alignment


A Strategic Path Forward


Your Core Capabilities


New Growth

There is no playbook for our current market dynamics.

The unprecedented speed of the global pandemic has created organizational shock and uncertainty. Learnings, shared internally, broadly distributed, is vital to restoring your revenues, reskilling your talent, and elevating your brand amid the storm.

We come alongside leaders to quickly examine the current state of their strategies and relationships through a new lens, create a visual story that's simple to understand, easy to internalize, and fast to implement.


Strategy Visualization

Your strategy became outdated with the shutdown of the global economy!

Our strategy visualization services allow you to stand out, get better organized, integrate market monitoring data, pivot with leading indicators and make better decisions while you rethink your strategy.

Our Strategy Visualization Process

Agile Portfolio

Mission-critical strategy alignment for leaders to harness the full capability of remote teams

Our Agile Portfolio suite of services allows remote team leaders to:

  1. Quickly capture and share a visual story

  2. Roll it out, analyze its impact, and course-correct

  3. Gain perspective from their own trends, uncover capability gaps and optimize their visual story

  4. Finally, use insight compression to capture and broadly distribute real learnings.

Sample Agile Alignment Artifact

Learn more and see how we’ve helped companies like yours clarify and communicate in a visually compelling way.


Ready to discuss how Strategy Visualization or Agile Portfolio can help you pivot?


Relationships impact every facet of a business, from strategy to profitability.

The relationships you choose to invest in now will have a profound impact on your ability to weather the current storm and accelerate your post-crisis rebound. Let us show you how to focus on developing strategic relationships that are deeper, wider, and more loyal, resulting in measurable results and lasting impact.


In an effort to protect your revenues amid this crisis, investing in profitable customers is more vital than ever.

The 80/20 Business Profitability Model identifies areas of wasted efforts and investments, and focuses organizations on the most profitable parts of their business.


Are you stuck? Finding it hard to
innovate amid the market downturn?

Successful teams aren’t afraid to ideate, to try and fail with speed and agility. Not just with products and services, but rather a portfolio approach to business model innovation. Explore concepts from prototyping to change management to create and sustain a culture of experimentation, adaptive innovation, and agile pivots.

Don't lose another minute.

We approach each engagement with a clear process.









Your current predicament requires laser-focused insights.

Most leaders have good intentions. Bridging those intentions to action is where they fall short. That's why we created a 90-Day Laser Coaching on Crisis Leadership.


In the current highly volatile market, you need a support ecosystem more than ever. 15 minute daily conversations on mission-critical needs. No theoretical constructs. Practical, pragmatic, and actionable insights. Independent perspective and candid feedback on your priorities, pivots, and possibilities, with a balanced approach between strategic thinking and appropriate behaviors.

Triangulate by listening to believable people who are willing to disagree with you.


Modify Your Perspective
and Behaviors

Successful senior executives recognize that you never stop growing. These leaders are bright and competent, so the focus is less on skills or knowledge, and more on behaviors they may need to modify. The higher you go, the lonelier the job gets. Nour often serves as a much-needed sounding board before launching an initiative, one last interview before hiring or terminating a key executive, or a role-play partner before an important board meeting or earnings call.


Your Earnings Calls Are a Roadmap To Your Transparency and Performance Indicators

Take any public company’s earnings call transcripts, and the extracted insights shed particularly valuable glimpse into their transparency and future direction. With quantifiable data, our executive team coaching focused on sentiment analysis, highlights several unique attributes by those who outperform their competitive peers. We use several differentiated measures to coach executive teams on their investor interactions and the market tone they set on their current plans amid the crisis, and equally critical, post-crisis anticipated recovery.

We’ve worked alongside leadership teams from winning organizations around the globe.

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